Hills College of Medicine (MBBS/MD Program)

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This is the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for the Hills College of Medicine (HCOM).

Guided Discovery Learning Using "Virtual Patients"

Our MD/MBBS program combines with blend of online learning and hands-on clinical training .

You have to be registered to access the courses. Most courses also require that you must be an enrolled student. The course administrator will do this for you when you request it.

The courses are arranged into categories depending on the stage of your learning progress.

Refunds /Withdrawals Policy
Before start of the program ( 100%)
Within first week of the program (80%)
Within second week of the program (65%)
After that ( No refund)
The Hills College of Medicine (HCOM) is founded and operates under an enabling authority executed by the President of Republic of Vanuatu. HCOM is pleased to offer its courses to all students seeking a medical degree. According to the PM, the Medical Board of Vanuatu will recognize the medical degree from HCOM . Its graduates are eligible to practice within the country of Vanuatu, subject to any local laws relating to immigration, work permits, and admission to practice. The graduates are encouraged to practice medicine in Vanuatu health system, specially for those who have passed USMLE step one, step two and step three. Hills College of Medicine is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. The sponsor notes are pending. The school details can be viewed on the Directory website, at the following URL: https://search.wdoms.org/home/SchoolDetail/F0006755

HCOM Approach to Learning: HCOM has both licensed and internally-developed software programs and content (cases, exhibits, assessments) developed and used by medical schools in Australia and the USA for digital, including online learning. HCOM students have access to highly qualified clinical tutors both on campus and online. These clinical tutors work with small groups of students in regular tutorial sessions that focus upon intensive "Guided Discovery Learning" (a variant of problem-based learning), combined with self-instruction and self-assessment. Using the HCOM approach students will be able to study either in Vanuatu or for some parts of the course via distance learning mode from their own country. Students are required to have at least 10-14 days residential school in Vanuatu campus before clinical rotations. The residential school includes clinical knowledge review, medicine practice guideline and hospital visit for clinical rotations. HCOM will organize and provide accommodations for students during residential school for 10-14 days but not including air fare , travel insurance, food and local transportation. Those students who have travel disadvantages must provide medical certificate and the alternatives may be organized.

Advantages to This Approach: Offers flexibility in terms of pace of instruction and location of instruction; provides instruction in an internationally accepted method of medical education: problem based/guided discovery learning; encourages students to have patient contact and clinical experiences from the beginning of the degree program; minimizes disruption to personal and working life while studying; increases access to the study of medicine; allows for progressive payment of fees as and when the student can afford to study.

Course Structure: The program contains 10 modules. Each module is USD $ 5,500. Each module contains 10 topics. The MD/MBBS program costs USD$55,000. It depends on your study pace. You should know that it is a very heavy study load. Each module has two online barrier exams. In order to complete each module, you need to pass two online barrier exams ( 60 minutes allowed for each) .There is a rolling admission allowing students to enter every 4 weeks.

This is a graduate entry program which composes two parts:

1. Foundation of Medicine. All students are required to satisfactorily pass barrier exams before going to the Clinical Science segment of the program. Clinical Science including Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Psychiatry and Paediatrics.

2. The Clinical Science portion of the program must be completed by clinical rotations in recognised hospital based training. It comprises 72 weeks clinical rotations.

Students will be conferred MBBS/MD after completion of two parts of the programs.

Admission Requirements and Student Selection: All candidates should have undertaken basic science courses. A semi-structured interview will be held to focusing on the personal qualities important for the pursuit of a career in medicine.

Hills College of Medicine develops the curriculum in collaboration with

About ScholarRx:
  • 13 year old startup
  • Founded by Authors of USMLE First Aid Student-funded
  • Hundreds of student Authors and Faculties advisers
  • Narrative text module
  • High-quality, labeled images
  • Concise, illustrative videos
  • Virtual histology and pathology labs
  • PBLs, TBLs and others cases for self-study
  • Large bank of high-quality assessment items

HCOM also offers Bachelor of Medical Science degree, please contact us for details. admin@hillsmedicine.org

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